Be a Legend with Stained Glass

Inspired by the spectacular pieces of stained glass unveiled in Belfast to mark the final season of Game of Thrones, here’s our take on the beauty of stained glass.

At McNally Joinery, we understand the tradition, craft and appeal of stained glass. During our 41 years we have sourced the best, most skilled stained glass suppliers to enhance our crafted joinery with their crafted glass.

We work with your preferences to either replicate existing stained glass ideas or create new work based on your own designs. For one unique project, we fitted the stained glass design created by our customer at a stained glass workshop – talk about showing your character in your home! For their project, we made the door to fit their hand crafted piece of stained glass.

So, how is it made? Leaded glass can be made by first cutting the glass into the correct sizes and skillfully joining each piece of glass with real lead via soldering. Alternatively, one single pane of glass can be used with the lead planted on top of the glass.

After the glass is leaded, it can then be double glazed i.e. a piece of clear glass is fixed to either side of the pane. If you want leaded glass but you also need a good U-value, this is one way to go about it.

If you’re interested in stained glass for your doors or windows, then you’re right on trend as stained glass is having a massive comeback. Be a legend, come visit our showroom to discuss your upcoming project…



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