Tree Inspiration…

Some of the best things in life are born through collaboration with others. It is often an accumulation of many heads and ideas, things seen elsewhere and inspiration from our immediate surroundings, that create a masterpiece. This project was essentially a gate, but a piece of art in the same instance.


It was an idea the client had which was clearly inspired by nature with great thought for the natural surroundings; large old trees, a clear water stream and farmed landscape as far as they eye can see.

The client worked with a talented metal worker to develop the idea of a bare tree at the centre of a metal gate, then came to McNally Joinery to help bring their idea to life. McNally Joinery carefully installed Accoya timber sheeting around the metalwork. The properties of Accoya lend themselves perfectly to this type of project; durability, dimensional stability and beauty. The sheeting was coated in Teknos Teak giving a warm and uplifting finish to the sheeting. Given all the weather conditions this gate will face, this was the perfect choice for both material and coating.

Each element of the surrounding nature was reflected beautifully in the metalwork and woodwork alike with colours, materials and theme blending together beautifully. Or as we like to say #woodthatworksbeautifully


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