Contemporary Style | Creative Flair

In this house of joinery, our craftmanship met true courage and creative flair. Keen to work with natural materials, metal met timber on both external doors and staircase. The front and side doors were designed using a McNally Joinery accoya door with sheet metal pressed onto it. Routing in and colouring the line pattern created this unique bronzed and autumnal look. Once entered through the beautiful bronze door, your eye is drawn upwards to two juliet balconies overlooking one another. The staircase is like a secret entrance to the upstairs.

Next, a beautiful stained glass arched window catches your eye through the open bathroom door. We find this beautiful glass sets our arched window nicely into scene.
Our final feature for this house of joinery is the curved windows. On the inside, the large bay windows provide much loved window seats in the living and bedroom area. Staying with a theme of contrasts, a rectangular bay window design was selected for the other side of the house and it works beautifully.

This house is truly unique. We love the owners’ shared creativity, the courage to compose perfection as they see it. Straight modern lines and traditional curves of natural materials meet and contrast seamlessly.

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