Stay positive and love your Home

You’re my home and my adventure all at once…

We are living in strange times and our homes, more than ever, are the centre of everything: family life, workplace, playground, classroom. With so much time spent here, our homes are our sanctuaries and challenge at the same time. To help you stay positive and love your home, here is our gratitude list.

1. When you get to carve out that minute of peace in a quiet corner after the home schooling is done.

2. When you’ve battled the weekly shop and you see your front door – home at last!

3. The promise of a new day as you come down the stairs in the morning … and get cuddles from your pet.

4. Daydreaming about inviting EVERYONE to a big BBQ.

5. Going for a walk and immersing the senses with something you see, something you smell or something you hear.

6. Reading this blog while working from home and not feeling one bit guilty.

7. The moment when you know your business/job will pivot and will come out the other side.

8. A chat with the grandkids or the neighbours through the window. Give the postman a wave or just let the lovely April sunshine in.

9. Tend to your garden, tend to your soul.

10. A delicious bubbly bath with epsom salts and lavender essential oils

11. Dreaming of the places to visit when all of this is over.


Home is not a place but a feeling. Mind yourselves.

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