Cottages by the Sea

Modern life seems to have an unforgiving pace and complexity. Sometimes stress appears to rule our lives. We are torn in many directions on a daily basis with increasing expectation. Looking after your mental wellbeing is a necessity. That’s why I’m very grateful to see places like the cottages in Bettystown which allow an escape and time to check in with yourself.

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of going to the Cottages for a short break. While we were there we got to enjoy the quaint, old style windows, doors and staircases made by McNally Joinery. The cottage owners, Liz and Roger Pickett gave a brilliant tour, detailing all their designs and what they were hoping to achieve with each cottage and each piece of joinery. Their view of the sea is unequalled and they have capitalised on this with wonderful bay windows and window seats for guest to unwind. Each of the cottages has its own look and feel from the Honeymoon Cottage to Thatcher’s Rest. Sometimes, there are projects which we do at McNally Joinery that really resonate with us and this is one of them.

In our busy lives, we need to take time to look after our minds. Do yourself a favour and schedule some time to maintain your own health.



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