The Benefits of a Single Joinery Provider

Customers say it best….and this customer testimonial details some of the benefits of working with McNally Joinery as your single joinery provider.

“We recently got all our windows and front door made and fitted by McNally Joinery to replace what we had.

After taking years to take this leap the whole process was seamless. Everyone I dealt with at McNally Joinery was extremely professional & courteous, no matter how many questions we asked, changes we made everything was answered and adjusted to our specification. There was no delays. When the windows arrived with McNally Joinery on the first morning for installation every single window was wrapped and every window & door was perfect.

One of the main reasons we choose McNally Joinery – outside of bespoke windows, ability to design whatever you want, wood quality, established company etc. – was the fact that the windows are made by them and all employees are direct employees of McNally Joinery. The process of taking out the old windows was great. Everything was carried out of the house & all rubbish put straight in their van & taken away each evening. The guys cleaned up everything at the end of every day.  You can see how much pride they take in their work and every door and window was measured and fitted perfectly with no issues. Thanks McNally Joinery it was a super job & you are all great to work with”

Renovating your home may seem stressful and exhausting. When deciding to build or renovate your home, there are many things that need to be considered. We do our best to reduce this stress by minding your time, effort and value.

LR Show Room 016

At McNally Joinery, we specialise in the manufacture and installation of full houses of joinery. All our windows, front door and screens, pivot or bi-fold doors, sliders, staircases, internal doors and frames, even rooflights and conservatories are manufactured inhouse to your specificatons.

We know that going to the same provider for all your joinery reduces unnecessary stress and makes the build or renovation easier:

Time is saved by having one supplier for all your joinery. It means visits to only one showroom and liaising with one contact who can keep you up to date on the progress of all of your joinery in a single phone call. You only have to make yourself available for one site measure. Our CAD technician provides all your joinery drawings and you provide one sign off. When installation date comes, we can time perfectly which pieces of joinery arrive first and which later on.

The effort of seemingly small things like picking colours, hardware and profiles offered by different providers and then trying to match them can become a bigger deal than it needs to be. Here, you pick your design, paint colour and hardware all in the same place.

Last but not least, a better price can be given based on purchasing a full house of joinery as opposed to getting one piece of the package. We are happy to discuss this with you at the pricing stage of your project.

In a world that’s already stressful, don’t make your build or renovation more stressful than it needs to be. Come visit us at our showroom to discuss your joinery project and check out our website for existing Houses of Joinery.


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