The Whiskey Room

Whiskey and timber have long been a great pairing. Whiskey aged in Oak barrels, whiskey tastings presented on rustic timber trays, timber counter tops in whiskey bars.

McNally Joinery had the pleasure of working with the ‘The Whiskey Room’ at Airport View Hotel to create a vintage look for their whiskey room in addition to the McNally Joinery restaurant doors. The client had a very specific idea about what they wanted for the Whiskey Room. We crafted solid oak doors, with an oval vision panel and glass engraved with the whiskey room’s chosen font. Large polished brass handles completed the look. We created solid walnut whiskey flights for tastings which were routed to hold whiskey glasses and an extensive whiskey menu.

Warm yourself this winter with a whiskey tasting from a McNally Joinery walnut whiskey flight and enjoy a beautiful mix of Irish craftsmanship at Airport View Hotel

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