What Colour is Spring?

Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate than a blog update on some pieces of joinery which have injected colour into a home. Welcome to our first blog! We’ve decided it was about time to give people an insight into some of the interesting projects we have been involved in at McNally Joinery.


At McNally Joinery, we love to listen to our customers and their creative ideas of how they want the finished product to look. Our job is to bring these ideas to life.

One such project included a sheeted front door with a vision panel and a sliding gate with sheeting on one side, both finished in mint turquoise. The colour is stunning and works really well against the brick of the house and the stone wall. The client also used terracotta pots with turquoise cacti and green palm trees to bring out the colour of the front door and gate. We love it!

‘’I am delighted with the quality of the Front Entrance Gate to my house, it ticks all the boxes I wanted from a gate, a quality finish, expertly made, very good materials and visually excellent, could not have asked for more, many thanks McNally Joinery’’ (J.Hennessy)

Come visit us at McNally Joinery and “use your imagination”…

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