A Window Seat from which to Watch the Sea

Welcome back to our McNally Joinery blog. This month we had the privilege of photographing some fabulous locations that house our joinery, one of which was a very unique steel staircase clad with walnut treads and a walnut veneered window seat from which to watch the sea.

This project was unique and interesting and provided what our team at McNally Joinery love most, a challenge. The project involved the meeting of great minds with our Customer, the Engineer, our Production Manager and Estimator engaging multiple times to ensure the staircase worked, was within regulations and of course, looked fabulous! Our fantastic craftsmen created walnut treads which slotted over the cantilevered steel and walnut handrail which sat over the glass ballustrade.

Our customer was delighted with the project and returned once again for our assistance with a window seat project that he had in mind.

Again, with creative ideas from the customer, our team crafted a walnut veneered window seat with horizontal and vertical wood grain which created an elegant look, enhanced by light through the windows. This also created a beautiful space to look out at the sea and gather your thoughts.

“Well done on re-vitalising the momentum in what is a great company with phenomenal skills and resources producing top quality products. I guess we have the dreams and resources and you guys have the materials, skills and know how. I think I know someone who would be very proud” C. Keeling

Come visit our team at McNally Joinery www.mcnallyjoinery.ie and if you enjoyed this blog post, share it out!

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