What do you want from your man cave?…

According to wikipedia; “A man cave[1] or manspace,[2] …is a male retreat[3] or sanctuary[4] in a home. Man cave is a metaphor describing a room inside the house ….. where “guys can do as they please”, without fear of upsetting any female sensibility about house decor or design.”

Man Cave

At McNally Joinery, we are asked to do some unique and wonderful things. One of these is the ‘man-cave’. Queue an array of instruments, wide screen TV, pool table, bar, comfy chairs and playstations. In our experience, contrary to wikipedia, these spaces can be well thought out and designed with beautiful dark timber grains used to enhance the space. We have manufactured and fitted staircases up to the ‘man cave’, windows for ideal sanctuary views, skirtings, architrave, sheeting and window seats.

Come visit us at our showroom for further information www.mcnallyjoinery.ie



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