Pivot with Elegance

pivot [ˈpɪvət] noun: “The central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates”

We’ve decided to focus this month’s update on the #ontrend pivot door. We caught up with one of our customers in Dublin 9 who recently renovated their home and opened up the back of their house with a McNally Joinery pivot door and screen.


Once opened, the door pivots effortlessly. It almost appears to be floating as it is pivot hinged top and bottom rather than at the side.  Its simple elegance and clean lines create a feeling of space and incorporate your garden into your home. It is the perfect space for socialising with friends, family gatherings or a quiet afternoon in the sun.

This project includes a splayed screen with a corner to corner direct glazed glass joint. This means we do not need large sections of timber, the fabulous view of the garden remains unobstructed. Again, it adds to the simple elegance of the area.

Come visit our showroom and use your imagination…


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