An old Dog knows a thing or two…

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but an old dog knows a thing or two…

Breda Front Door

At McNally Joinery, we use painting and timber preparation techniques which have been developed and honed by our team over the last 40 years. The paints we use are specially formulated for use on timber via spray guns and all our paint is sprayed on for maximum precision, even coat and to ensure a full envelope finish. Our spray booth is temperature controlled to ensure correct cure. We use one paint supplier, Teknos ™, to ensure consistency of quality. The Teknos ™ mission is “to make the world last longer” by creating paint solutions to protect and prolong

Four panel imitation double door with double side screen and arched fanlight

The door and screen in the photograph above was painted and installed in 2005 with this photograph taken in early 2018. You can see from the bottom two panels that the colour has clearly faded. In June 2018, this door and screen received its first touch up since manufacture and installation 13 years ago. This consisted of a light sanding and two coats of paint which brought the door back to like new. The colour used was ‘Wild Raspberry’ which can be seen in the featured photograph.

Per our technical manuals, paint will last approximately 4 – 12 years before requiring touch up i.e. a light sanding and one to two coats of paint. However, we have seen many of our joinery projects after 15 or more years which are still not requiring attention. This is dependent on many factors including;

  • Type of timber; Iroko | Accoya ™
  • Exposure conditions including; Inland | Coastal Location
  • Shade of translucent stain; Light Translucent | Dark Translucent | RAL Colour

The following are some of the painting processes we use to ensure the longest lasting finish on our joinery products. These processes are very different to hand painting raw timber after installation whereby it is not possible to access each part of the timber. Do not confuse hand painting of the timber of old with the processes performed by McNally Joinery to ensure the highest quality finish.  


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